Watch Jurassic Island 2022 Online

Watch Jurassic Island 2022 Online
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Year: 2022
Genre: Adventure
Running time: 77 min.
Country: USA
Director: Dominic Nutter
Cast: Sarah T. Cohen, Nicola Wright, Tom Taplin, Jamila Wingett, Kate Sandison, Ray Whelan
Subtitles: Download Jurassic Island 2022 English Subtitles
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Synopsis: When a pair of explorers go missing on a mysterious expedition, Ava and her motley crew of friends, awkward Dads and a wise, sarcastic sailor are led to a dangerous prehistoric island in search of her father, where dinosaurs aren’t the only thing to be afraid of.
Critics: This movie is a silly combination of other movies, with every scene a cliché. My impression: a middle schooler gave the story to their parent, a wealthy producer, with the kid’s friends directing, editing, and producing the audio and cgi. I’m giving it some points for scenery and camerawork, but the points deducted for noticable mistakes are too many to list. Also minus a point for mixing zombies with dinosaurs, its only distinguishing feature and not a good- or original- idea. In fact, this would be a good one for a film studies class since it’s densely packed with things a filmmaker should avoid.